‘No Dig’ Drain Pipe Replacement

Drain pipe replacement using 'No Dig' trenchless technology for the installation of new drains, replacement drains or refurbishment of existing buried sewer drains.

  • Pipe lining from 100mm
  • Localised patch repairs
  • Lateral cutting
  • Pipe reforming
  • CCTV Surveys

PB30 Compact Pipe Burster

Specifically designed for the replacement of small diameter sewers, with minimum surface disruption and disturbance to the client.
The PB30 acts as a hydraulic winch pulling s special compacted cable and bursting head through the failing drain. The bursting head breaks and displaces the old line whilst pulling behind it the new replacement pipe.

Powered by a stand-alone hydraulic power pack or from the hydraulics on a mini excavator, the unit breaks down into manageable component parts easing transport and assembly in difficult access locations such as manhole's.


    • Reduced pit size and surface disturbance
    • Compact - fits through 750mm doorway
    • Breaks down in to manageable sections
    • Bursts around 45 degrees bends
    • Size for size or up-size pipe bursting
    • Remote operator controls

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